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Emotions only with us

Emotions only with us - 1

Our terrace BAR

It’s the meeting point for the guests of the Pocho Hotel. They chat and have an aperitif, while listening to music. After dinner, what's better than tasting local grappa, liqueurs and spirits?
Even in these unique moments of relax and pleasure you will discover new aspects of the culture and soul of our Sicily.
We look forward to seeing you at sunset!

Emotions only with us - 2


The Pocho winery offers you the best labels of Sicily, to match with the dishes of our local cuisine or to sip in total relax. There are several local varieties , such as Grillo, Catarratto and Inzolia, varieties of white grapes typical in our areas. Guests are offered themed wine tastings by our Someliers and also in nearby cellars. On the wine list you will find the wines of the most important wineries in the area such as Spadafora, Planeta, Fondo Antico, De Bartoli, Donnafugata and local organic wines
We also offer liqueurs and dessert wines such as Malvasia delle Lipari, Passito di Pantelleria, Marsala Superiore or Vecchio Samperi, real jewels for your “after dinner”.

Emotions only with us - 3


Muscle awakening in the morning and Relax at sunset in the Solarium of our swimming pool, mastering the ancient breathing techniques in front of the Medterranean sea, by the Gulf of Monte Cofano. In the afternoon, the benefits of the water aerobics to tone your body and forget the stress ! Have fun in our swimming pool overlooking the Mediterranean sea and refresh yourself at the bar in the solarium!

Emotions only with us - 4

The terrace at sunset

Every day the Pocho terrace is the backstage for a unique spectacle: the sunset over the Gulf of Monte Cofano formerly a Nature Reserve.
Wide choice of aperitifs, Sicilian wine tasting, snacks, "street food" according the best tradition, tasting of local produce, accompanied by a breathtaking, unique and unrepeatable view. Magical is the moment when the sun plunges into the sea and the fiery red of the sunset slowly makes way for the color of the night. The luckiest guest can see the green ray in that moment! Can you see it too?

Emotions only with us - 5

Dinner with a view on the terrace of “Pocho Restaurant”

Nel corso di una cena romantica a lume di candela con una vista mozzafiato e un servizio personalizzato, sarai protagonista del miracolo che ogni giorno si ripete: il sole fa lentamente posto al chiarore della notte. Uno spicchio di luna e le sue costellazioni, le luci delle lampare che illuminano il Golfo. Quante emozioni e sensazioni!

Emotions only with us - 6

Live music

Marilù Terrasi, patron and chef of the Hotel and Restaurant Pocho has been a researcher for years for the Institute of Popular Traditions of the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy Palermo University, dedicating herself to the study of Sicilian popular culture in its various aspects: art, music, singing, uses, customs, gastronomy and also becoming a collector. She has taken part of the”Folkstudio” and cooperated in research campaigns. Sometimes the evening at Pocho can be enriched by a pleasant surprise: by playing the guitar or "lucanetto", Marilù entertains guests with her repertoire of ancient folk songs, that are the result of research and represent the proof of the cultural and artistic wealth of Sicily.

Emotions only with us - 7


Every afternoon upon reservation, the guests of the Pocho can discover the different expressions of the territory by the tasting of 5 wines, local oils and bread made with ancient Sicilian wheat. Our Someliers will guide you on this fascinating discovery.

Emotions only with us - 8

Sicilian cooking lessons: learn the secrets of real sicilian cooking

LABORATORY WITH TASTING on the "Couscous del Trapanese".

The workshop is held by chef Marilù Terrasi, a passionate breeder of Mediterranean traditions and for years engaged in passing down the ancient processing techniques of the "couscous" alla Trapanese, of which she is Testimonial and Ambassador either in Italy or abroad.
During the Marilù workshop she will transmit the art of the "incocciata", that is, the transformation of semolina into "couscous", its steaming technique, the variety of seasoning and the ingredients that accompany it by using only local produces .
The prepared dishes will be tasted at the end of the laboratory. All participants will receive the video "From the supply chain to the plate" with captions in Italian and English and a certificate of attendance.

Emotions only with us - 9


The philosophy of Pocho is reflected in the quality of the products used to prepare the rich Breakfast buffet: desserts, fresh brioches, cakes and biscuits prepared every day in our kitchen, homemade jams, ham, Nebrodi salami, Sicilian cow cheeses, goat and sheep cheeses, organic scrambled and hard-boiled eggs, the best honey in the area, fruit, unpasteurized juices.

Emotions only with us - 10

A "Sicilian Puppets" gallery!

In addition to the sea, the nature, the cliffs, the richness of the cuisine, Sicily has one of the most ancient popular traditions: the theater of the "Sicilian Puppets", today declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Pocho has a valuable collection patiently collected by the owner and chef Marilù Terrasi, researcher of the History of Popular Sicilian Traditions at the University of Palermo and later, a member of the Group 5 theater company. The collection of Sicilian puppets from the oldest families of puppeteers she worked with, and today finely showed inside the Pocho, together with their sets and countless elements used for the shows."
Marilù proposes a “Visit-Laboratory” guided by herself, which will illustrate its origins, characteristics and history.

Emotions only with us - 11

"Macari and the Pocho in the writers' pen"

A nice curiosity: for some years the writer Gaetano Savatteri has been setting his stories in Macari the detective story books published by the Sellerio Editions of Palermo. Marilù and the Pocho Restaurant are one of the constant references in the Saverio Lamanna vicissitudes’. In the books he is the protagonist of the series.
Not only . ... even the detective Montalbano in the episode narrated by Andrea Camilleri in "A year in yellow" goes to the Pocho as he heard to be the best place where to eat the "couscous" , and will be thrilled!
Discover also the charm of this enchanted place immortalized by the pen of some of the most famous Sicilian writers.

Emotions only with us - 12

Life memories on the Pocho walls: even in a hotel room there is culture

Photos, posters, posters ... ... what story is told on the walls of the Pocho? These are part of Marilù's memories regarding her theatrical life, and the performances and the tours of “Group 5” in the 70s. Marilù was one of the member , and one of the main animator.. ... the tours and gastronomic shows of her life at Pocho! In a few words ... the theater of a lifetime!
Going around the Hotel, you will find, among other things, memories of the show "The God of ticks" based on Danilo Dolci’s texts, created and performed by “Group 5” during his stay in Partinico, at the opening of an experimental theater at Palazzo Scalia and the cooperation with the sociologists and writer, that elected this place in Sicily as the headquarter of his research.
"The God of ticks" was the protagonist of a tour that also successfully was performed at "La fenice" theater in Venice as well.


The Pocho is a magical and unique place for your special moments, with a breathtaking view, on the Monte Cofano Nature Reserve where you l only think to enjoy the party, and we will care about the rest: from coordinating the event , the food and the 'entertainment.

Emotions only with us - 13


Pocho is a love story!

Marilù's love for her land with its flavors and colors, the richness of its culture and traditions, the experiences lived and the most cherished memories.

This is the best place for couples looking for a truly unique environment, in complete quiet, with a team focused on making this wedding day unforgettable.
The special view that forms the background, the blue of the sea, the pink of the cliffs all around is the natural scenery you will enjoy together with your loved ones, hours of carefree joy.

You will think to enjoy the party, we will take care of the rest: from coordinating its development, to refreshments and entertainment.

Attention to detail, a wonderful natural background, but also an authentic cuisine full of flavors. Under the attentive eye of Marilù, the staff of our kitchen will create a delicious menu for you with authentic Sicilian flavors accompanied by an extensive wine list.

On request we can help you organize musical entertainment at the end of the party

Emotions only with us - 14


During the summer season at Pocho Marilù gave birth to a series of events called "Food for the mind", which include the presentation of cookbooks and themed dinners with the presence of the chefs, wine tasting, exhibitions, musical performances and theater, in addition to the participation and involvement of non-profit organizations and non-profit associations.

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