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Typical products San Vito Lo Capo

Typical products San Vito Lo Capo

You can purchase a number of typical Sicilian products in San Vito lo Capo and in the various localities of its region: almond sweets; marzipan in various forms; dried figs cakes (buccellati), home-made pasta (busiate), the highest quality tuna products; semolina for couscous; capers, fresh oregano, dried tomatoes, unusual conserves and vintage wines are some of the typical Sicilian products. As for other products: yellow and blue ceramic tiles; cuscusiere (earthen pots for cooking couscous), decorated saucepans and characteristic lemmi (ceramic containers); Trapani coral in its various works, the salt coral of Daniela Neri, and still more.

Every Friday along one of the main streets of the village there is a pleasant and well supplied local market. Every Tuesday the small agricultural producers of the region take part in a market of local agricultural products.

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