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The restaurant

”Pocho” is also a restaurant in San Vito lo Capo, in the hamlet of Macari. Born before the Hotel from the passion of Marilù for coking. The philosophy of the Restauranti is contained in this sentence:

Show me another pleasure that like lunch arrives every day and lasts an hour

Taillerand 1754 - 1838

The menu (generally based on fish) changes daily and is inspired by the offers of the market (Marilù goes personally shopping early in the morning).

The gastronomic proposal of the restaurant in San Vito lo Capo, originates from a strong link with the family cuisine of Palermo and ​​Trapani, and it includes the influence of the Mediterranean area, and its relative contaminations, local produces, interpreted with vivacity and inventiveness.

In the summer it’s charming to have lunch or dinner on this little corner of Earth paradise [...] Unique and unrepeatable the moment when the sun dives into the sea and the fiery red of the sunset slowly makes room for the darkness of the night.

Marilù offers a tasting menu of various types of Couscous, being her a famous interpreter, and gives the opportunity to attend in the morning to a Couscous workshop.

Sometimes the evening can be enriched by a pleasant surprise: accompanied by the guitar or the Lucanetto, Marilù entertains the guests with a repertoire of ancient folk songs, which are the testimony of the cultural richness of Sicily.

Our restaurant in San Vito Lo Capo (Macari hamlet) is open only in the evening and on Sundays also for lunch, during the day light lunches and snacks are served.

Due to its exclusive location it is suitable for small meetings, events and private parties.

  • A children's menu is always available.

A menu for celiacs, vegetarians or vegans is available on request.

In case of other food intolerances it is appreciated to make it present at the time of booking.

The regional wine list includes also a careful selection of meditation wines.

Book your table at number +39 0923.972525

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